The Author

Maria Regina Ramas Mendezona
, better known as Rhea is…

an autodidact medical assistant by day

a fashion enthusiast and an avid fan of the vintage and the shabby-chic

an extreme bargain shopper attracted to small-town thrift shops

a budget travel junkie

a rusty thespian who sings to Broadway musicales even in her sleep

a wine-drinker and a try-hard oenophile at it

a ULDR (Ultimate Long Distance Relationship) extremist

happily married to the man of her dreams (did ya hear that marc?)

a loud and proud Ate of 6 crazy siblings

a family oriented daughter with an uncanny fondness for kids

an expectant mother of “Spriki”

a lover of GOD and of Life

so·cialadjective  \soh-shuhl\

tum·ble·weed- noun \ˈtəm-bəl-ˌwēd\

The Social Tumbleweed is a pseudo-memoir that came about as an attempt by the author to organize her semi-anarchical life.  Functioning similarly to a personal journal, this blog will contain random rants on the author’s personal standpoints, instant artistic/theatrical/fashion inspirations and a hodgepodge of thoughts on newly tried out DIYs, new strategies on LDR, details on the next travel destination, crazy fambam times, food cravings, cheap finds and such.  Blog posts prior to September 2012 are all imports from a previous, less-public blog that was mostly self-indulgent,created by the author back in 2004. The thought of creating a new blog was never entertained at first since blogging was only used by the author as a tool for self-expression until recently where she was convinced by a bunch of friends to make it more official and stalker-friendly (haha, yeah right?). More than anything else, this will document the author’s transition to her so-called ‘new life’… besides keeping the old domain (reginaramas) and hyphenating was never an option. The fiancé said so.

The term “social tumbleweed” was coined by the author to describe her cyclic habit of consistently showing up to social getherings, parties and events and thereafter disappearing for a lengthy period of time. This also covers her unavoidable MIAs (missing in action) in the blogosphere leading to inconsistent blog posts, lack of promptness in returning calls and delayed replies through texts, emails and PMs on Facebook.

Feel free to tumble in and out of The Social Tumbleweed.

7 thoughts on “The Author

  1. Miss you so much! I just looked at most of your blogs and stalked you for an hour. hahahah 😦 Getting emotional here, Skype soon please I wanna see Spriki!

  2. Hi.. I’m pretty sure you don’t know me.. But we, my Aunt and Mom was trying to research their roots and we ended up reading your blog.. Their grandmother is the woman on the left. They said her name is Lola Lita and my mom’s mother is named Ines. Hopefully we can become friends and learn about our ancestors together. 😉

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