Holiday Family #Twinning | Matching Christmas Family Pajamas by Iffei


Raise your hands if y’all are into matching Christmas Pajamas 🙋🏻‍♀️

If you’ve been following me for a while especially on Instagram, you know we’re all about the “twinning” and the “matching” whatever season it may be. Everyone seems to be getting into the matching Family Christmas Pajamas fad and I’ve noticed that if you don’t get them early enough, it’s harder to get affordable matching pajamas for everyone in the family. For my family, it’s been vital to get them early in the season because we take our Christmas Card photos in them. I’m big on taking our holiday family photos in comfortable clothes, nothing too stiff and itchy for the kids because I don’t think I can handle the whining and complaining from both my husband and my kids so it’s been a tradition to just take them in the best, most comfortable Christmas outfits out there—-our pajamas! 😁

Thankfully, Iffei (originally Yaffi Fashion, where we got our matching swimwear a year ago) was nice enough to send my entire family our matching Christmas Pajamas for the year, so we don’t need to worry. 🎄 They have a variety of cute holiday designs to choose from and for this year we opted to go a little bit ELF-y😉

Make sure to go check them out for more of their Holiday Pajama options (they have tons!) and head their quick before they run out of stock. I’ve linked the specific holiday pajamas that we got here and I’ve added a few of my personal favorites below as well.

I also linked their website, their Facebook page and their Instagram page below so click away.

Iffei Website | Iffei Facebook | Iffei Instagram

Hope y’all enjoy the Holidays!


Xavi’s Baptism

Unlike Cassie’s baptism, Xavi’s was a little bit more unprepared….okay, a WHOLE lot unprepared. Marco and I figured that due to our move to Muncie, it would be hard for people to come especially since we opted to have it during Memorial Weekend, flights were going to be expensive and the roads would be busier than usual so I decided that we would play it by ear. Even then Marco and I discussed who to get as Xavi’s godparents because I wanted to make sure that we could ask them before the baptism (even if they couldn’t come). I know here in the US they emphasize the concept of godparents as one male and one female since they will be acting as your child’s second parents but in the Philippines it is normal to get more than just a pair so its safe to he has a bunch of godparents who will be guiding him as he grows up.


We didn’t have an invite for the baptism since we were doing it during the 11am mass at St. Mary’s but I made a similar invite like Cassie’s for the godparents. We were so blessed to have Estelle as the godmother and Aj as the godfather to make it to his actual baptism.



The baptismal gown that was passed from generation to generation in Marco’s side. The same gown that Cassie wore and Marco wore when they were both baptized.


Father Dudzinski carrying Xavi the entire time during the homily


The sacrament of baptism


With mom, representing my side of the family


With Nacho, representing Marco’s side of the family and the ever supportive Rousseaus


With the San Juans who drove all the way from West Virginia


The Godparents that made it— Ninang Estelle and Ninong Aj


And here’s a photo of my little family with Cassie trying her best to fight her sleepiness and Xavi getting very sleepy, haha.



After mass, we were planning to have lunch at Thai Smile since we’ve been craving for Thai food and Thai tea but they were close for Memorial Weekend so we ended up having Italian food at Johnny Carino’s.


Didn’t need to go all out on the dessert table since we only had a few guests so I kept it simple. Thanks tita Ditas for the baptismal decorations, I wouldn’t have bothered making one if it weren’t for you.


Ordered them last minute but Maggie from Simply Patisserie still followed through with the cake, the cupcakes and the sugar cookes.




I’ve gone to her since we moved here to Muncie for Cassie’s Taco Twosday cake and pastries, if you’re in the local Muncie area you definitely should check her out, click on her shop name above for the link to her FB page.


These were used during Xavi’s baptism and the blanket was a present from the ministry at St. Mary’s.

So there it is, a short recap of Xavi’s baptism. Welcome to the Christian world our little Xavi!

~Mommy Rhea

CASSIE: 02.27.2016


(ROMPER: Handmaid Ends Bubble Romper/ HEADBAND: Pip and Tumbleweed Floral headband/ SOCKS: brown fox/ MOCCASINS: Camel moccasins)


We’ve been supporting small businesses recently and you’d be surprised with the number of wonderful small/local stores you can find on Instagram. We were totally pleased with this bubble romper from Elisa of Handmaid Ends, you should check her out.

Thanks for featuring our little Cassie, Elisa! 😀

Cassie attended her first birthday party (Dominic Quiray turned 2) and not only was she fashionably cute, she was completely comfortable in it. We paired up her rompers with my trial headband prior to starting Pip and Tumbleweed, my own small store on Instagram (more about that on a different post), brown fox socks that have been trending all over the net and camel brown moccasins that we got from my baby shower.

Here are a few photos from the party:

Greeting the birthday boy, Dominic, a happy birthday!

Yes, my daughter would try to ear someone else’s hand. Kudos to Benedict for being a sport.

Mommy and Cassie

IMG_2963IMG_2967A few more photos of Cassie after the party.