This Year’s First Surprise

I can never blog during the early part of the year, the holidays are always a hectic time for me especially since I have mommy duties now. We just celebrated Cassie’s first Christmas and her first New Year and can I just say being a mom is beyond AWESOME!!! (even with the spits, the throw-ups […]

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Mik ❤ Poi

While typing the title of this blog entry I almost put “Solon” instead of “Mik”, we should really stop calling him that. All throughout college we were so used to calling him by his last name so naturally we were doing just that during the entire wedding reception, I was actually surprised that we weren’t […]

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Mami & Papi’s 30th Anniversary

It was quite a wonderful surprise that Papi could come home to the Philippines even just for awhile, especially since he and Mami were celebrating their 30th Anniversary. Instead of some lavish party and renewal of vows to celebrate this milestone, my in-laws decided to dedicate their time and commitment  to serve in BLD’s (Bukas […]

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Albi ❤ Jem

I met this wonderful set of people during college…3rd year college to be exact and boy were we inseparable from beer nights to wine nights to magic sing nights to pambahay day to ukay2x day to salsa nights to themed Christmas parties to the beach—we’ve done it all. I thought migrating to the states would change everything but fast […]

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50’s Cafe Engagement Shoot

Here are 15 shots from the first part of our Engagement Shoot. Enjoy! I’ll be finishing up on the next batch of photos next week. #marcoandrhea Location: Fifties Cafe at Crown Regency Towers Photographer: Mark Cantalejo Hair and Makeup: Ramil Solis   Not prepared—that was the last thing I wanted to be for the Engagement shoot […]

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Honeymooning: Baguio

July 30 – 31, 2014 Day 1 The day after Kuya Oli and Hilda’s wedding, the family decided to leave for Baguio in the wee hours of the morning. Land tripping was no biggie for my siblings, they’re so used to long drives in and out of Houston, within Texas or even out of state. […]

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