A Magical Woodlands Baby Shower

Originally made the invitation through e-vite.com but most of our guests still preferred good old invitations and since it was a little bit too late to have this printed out my mom ended up sending a text brigade regarding the baby shower with this invitation as an attachment of course, the things you can do with the magic of screen shot.

My sister Pauline originally came up with the theme “woodlands” for the baby shower but my mom wanted to incorporate these cute little Ann Geddes babies, I am always up for the challenge so I told my mom that we could still pull off the “woodlands” idea and I would find a way to make these babies pop-up during the event. I ended up searching Ann Geddes babies that were somewhat compatible with our theme (as shown above).

I printed out the selected photos and placed each one of them in wooden frames, its a good thing we had a bunch of them just lying around the house. We used them as part of our centerpieces and placed them on top of the tree stumps along with a small vase of flowers or random cream colored candles.

Thanks to Tito Raymond Ramos for coming up with the wood stumps, he ended up giving us around 10-12 pieces of 4-6 inch wide wood stumps for our centerpieces and went through all the trouble of finding someone who could cut those logs into thinner, smaller pieces for the shower.

This tree branch was one of our inspirations for the wishes but as usual with us Ramas(es), no matter how hard we prepare, things always end up getting accomplished so last minute. I’m just thankful that at the end of the day we end up pulling it off.

I made these wishes on MS Word and googled illustrations of woodland creatures, these particular ones that I ended up using for the card I got from etsy. I printed them out on cream colored card stock.

Thanks again to Tita Mimi and Tito Raymond Ramos for this dead branch that we ended up using for the shower, sabi na may gamit pa eh, haha. We didn’t have the time to decorate it with hanging  woodland creatures nor did we have the time to use strings to attach the wishes cards for the baby but I’m glad I bought those cute wooden owl laundry pins from 168 when I was in the Philippines, it came in handy.

Loved how our dessert table turned out.

Shout out to Tita Mymar Farinas for this woodlands baby shower cake—not only was it beautifully in theme it also came in homemade mocha flavor, my FAVORITE!!!! (hopefully it’ll be Cassie’s favorite too)

Owl Cupcakes from Target

Pecan Tarts from Target as well

Mini size nutter butter + hershey kisses = My DIY chocolate nutter butter acorns.

Rico’s macarons were a hit. Still can’t believe these were home made. What can you not do? 😀

Potluck food from my titas—literally this shower would have not been possible without you (and the rest of the guests would be starving too, haha)

Even the paper plates were in theme. The utensils were brown wrapped around maroon red napkins with the remaining jute twine from the give aways and floral crowns

Wearing one of my handmade floral crowns that we were handing out during the baby shower, too bad I wasn’t able to come up with a lot. I actually bought the first 2 dozen floral crowns from 168 for 3/ P100, I didn’t think the guests would make it to a little bit over 40. I think I only made 10 more to add so clearly there weren’t enough…sorry titas.

Let the games begin….

How awesome is this, I ended up with a table solely for diaper cakes. Aren’t they the cutest?

My titas who came for the baby shower 😀

The cake was too nice that we almost forgot to cut it, haha. I think we just wanted to keep the entire thing for ourselves. It did come in my favorite flavor.

Thanks Kylee for these printable woodland themed tags!

Ended up using them for my baby shower favors with a handwritten “Thank you” on it. Oh Lord, forgive the handwriting…its literally been years since I last wrote anything in cursive.

Just bought 4 packs of those mini mason jam jars from Walmart and filled them up with trail mix, then we tied the tags with jute twine that we bought from Hobby Lobby. 🙂

Family photo at home before opening Cassie’s gifts (we’re missing Paulo and Pauline)


Here’s a closer look at the diaper cakes!!!

Owl and Butterfly diaper cakes both from Tita Robyn Capistrano

Baby diaper cake from Ate Jen Hufstedler

Motor diaper cake from Tita Margie Patino

Vintage Burlap diaper cake from the Estigoys and the Veras

Woodlands Themed Diaper Cake from Tita Ruby Alcala

They even matched the woodland stuffed toys my mom got for Cassie

Daddy setting aside Cassie’s stuff the day after the shower.

Thanks again titas for spoiling Cassie immensely, and to think she’s not even out yet.


And It Was Positive…

(TOP: U-shape open back top; Market Market/ SHORTS: Black Faux Leather Animal Prints Shorts; Forever 21/ SHOES: Ellie Metallic Espadrilles; Rubi/ SUNGLASSES: Vintage Oversized Frames; Christian Dior/ PURSE: Metallic Blue Clutch; Simply Vera Vera Wang)

I got challenged when my husband hinted that I couldn’t carry espadrilles and backpacks—he said it just wasn’t my thing, so for Christmas those were the exact things I had him buy me. Of course I wanted to prove him wrong, espadrilles were never my preference but I think I look fine in them. What do you think?

Simple Flat Lay of today’s #OOTD. 😀

Spot our Wedding Video by MVP that came in a few day’s ago, can’t wait to watch the entire thing with the mister.


Btw, I just found out yesterday that I’m pregnant. Marco and I are going to have our own little family and I’m going to be a mommy! Exciting times ahead.

Funny story really…Marco was at work the entire day and I was supposed to get an ultrasound not for anything else but to check if everything in my “system” was okay. Something urged me to not do the ultrasound and buy a pregnancy test instead, I don’t know what it was I guess it was my woman’s instincts bothering me, so I did. I figured if I buy this test and it comes out positive then I don’t have to do the ultrasound anymore because clearly my “system” is working perfectly fine and it’ll save us some money.

I tested and the first line was distinct, the second line was barely there and so I thought “that’s another negative”, I put it back inside the box then inside the brown paper bag and tossed it in the trash. But I was still uneasy and I knew I wasn’t imagining the second line being barely there so I googled it. Yes, Google is very useful in times like these and I checked pictures of positive pregnancy tests and some of their tests looked just like mine, I would later find out from my husband that the reason why the second line was faded was because the Hcg levels weren’t high enough for the test to detect it but it did detect the little of what was there and so it was still faded. You could picture what happened next…I went through my trash, pulled out the brown paper bag, took out the box, re-opened it and there it was the second line more distinct than before. I was pregnant!

And here it is…


Marco a few days prior to this would tease me a lot, he’d rub my tummy and say “hellooooo and welcome” like how Jason Segel in the comedy Sex Tape said it. He came home from work around 10 pm that night and I welcomed him with my version of “hellooooo and welcome” while waving the test in the air. He said “what’s that?” but he was already smiling, I gave the test to him and asked him “that’s a positive, right?” He saw both lines and smiled.

Today we’re going to the lab to confirm the pregnancy with blood work.  (that too would come out positive)

P.S: Hopefully I won’t be too insecure to post pregnant ootds after this. Haha.


Shed Some Skin


(DRESS: Snakeskin Prints; from Mom/ SANDALS: Nude Peeptoes; 168/ BELT: Red Faux Snakeskin/ PURSE: Brown clutch; Valentino/ SUNGLASSES: Dark Brown Kerry; Sunnies, P399/ EARRINGS: Gold Squares; Anne Klein; from Roxi/ WATCH: Gold, New York and Co./ RING: White Druzy Ring; Minted Jewelry)




My favorite pair at the moment—-Sunnies’ Kerry sunglasses.


From Manila to Houston then back to Manila…I can’t seem to part with this clutch of mine


Browns and Golds



Recently got this snakeskin print shirt dress from Mom and it simply is the easiest to wear, the material is light and its a piece that’s easy to dress up or down. I opted to cinch it with my go-to red skinny belt that happened to be made of faux snake skin which gave my outfit some texture and not to mention the pop of color that my bland ensemble needed. I accessorized with gold from head to toe except for the new white Druzy Ring that I got from Minted Jewelry. Shout out to Tiny Salloman, a good friend of mine since Kindergarten, for providing us with such classy pieces. You can check her items on Instagram, IG name: mintedjewelry. 

Enjoy the rest of your week guys!


A Day at the Zoo


To the girl who likes to travel as much as I do, dress up as much as I do and party as much as I do (well, maybe not this part since I’m kinda getting old),  HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you’re having a blast there in the Philippines. As much as we’d want to have you here I’m sure your family is ecstatic that you’re FINALLY celebrating with them. Much love from Houston to Cebu (if that’s even where you are). And don’t forget what I said, Don’t let anyone stop you; go for your dreams while you still can and sakto ra nang YOLO but ayaw’g palabi ha? Haha. Hope to see you as a flight attendant soon. Mwah!

Here are some photos of our trip to the zoo, the rest of the photos are in Facebook.

Our series of unfortunate events caught on camera—yeah, we didn’t know it was a series of successive shots. Stupidity at it’s finest.

The first thing we saw as soon as we walked in the zoo—-it’s Marco.

For the love of masks…I don’t know, I have yet to grow a liking to tribal ones. They do scare me sometimes.

Katsie’s petting zoo experience. ( I think she was more into the kid, haha)

Hmmm…. I don’t think the goat was too pleased. Haha

…And here’s your favorite picture of them all. I just had to put this on there.


(with a bunch of add-ons I suppose)

(HAT: Icing/ BUSTIER: Body/ SKIRT: thrifted/ WEDGES: Bumper,Burlington Coat Factory/ BELT: vintage, from Grandmy Emma / EARRINGS: Burlington Coat Factory/ BACKPACK: Louis Vuitton, from Ninang Thelina/ BANGLES: Forever 21/ CUFF: snake, Icing/ WATCH: New York and Company/ SUNGLASSES: Kiss, Buffalo Exchange)

Back View

Sorry, the flowers were so pretty…I just had to.

Outfit Ensemble

This isn’t really a typical outfit to wear to the zoo but I had cantoring duties at church right after this so as usual I opted for something that I could wear in both occasions—that wasn’t easy to come up with. My church outfits come nowhere close to zoo outfits, I’d prefer to be casual and comfortable at the zoo (like shorts perhaps)  but then I had to look for something decent and presentable enough to be standing in front of the entire church congregation and this what I ended up with. The bustier top was one of my new purchases (on sale for $6.99) from First Colony Mall when I was on a mission to hoard crop tops and bralets for Spring and Summer, perfect for Houston heat. The skirt, an unconscious pick, was a thrift find from the Goodwill store close to my house. The gold paint splatter or spots if you may call it remind me of a glam version of animal prints. Gold is pretty much played up in the rest of my outfit as seen in my wedges and accessories and I pushed it further to other colors within it’s family… I ended up with the golden mustard purse from Louis Vuitton and a pastel yellow belt from my grandmother before she passed away. The red fedora (is it even a fedora?) with the feather, one of my proud finds close to $2.00 during a liquidation sale at Icing, was something I added to break away from the monotony of colors.


Look What the Cat Dragged In…

(TURBAN: leopard print; Luxury Divas/ BUSTIER TOP: No Boundaries/ ANORAK: Wet Seal/ SHORTS: denim; thrifted/ BOOTS: wedged animal print; Image/ BELT: Forever 21/ PURSE: Vieta/ NECKLACE: from Mom/ WATCH: New York and Company/ BRACELET: Beaded emerald; New York and Company/gold studded leather; Forever 21/ RINGS: Forever 21)

Saturday shows call for rockin casual outfits

Leopard Print Turban—one of the best experimental purchases I bought from Amazon.

….Spot that pop of color.

The older I got the less inclined I was to wear shorts,it’s like I just woke up one day and realized I didn’t exactly have Vavavoom legs.  I’m proud to say though I’ve roughed my legs out during childhood and I have battle scars to prove them (the exact reason why I don’t show them off) . I don’t exactly know what Oliver did to me but I wanted to go for that randomly put together New York grunge look. I may have gone overboard on the animal prints and that’s what makes this outfit so fun to wear. I adore the fact that my boots and purse have that faux fur texture, the pair of boots was a Christmas present from the sisters, Pauline and Marie and the purse was technically a birthday gift from my Ninong Gab. A little trick a lot of petite  a.k.a ‘short’ girls like me, do to look taller other than wearing wedges and platform boots is wear high waist skirts or pants to visually lengthen those legs.

Look who dropped by to see the show in all their ‘Spring Glory’ while I was busy being grungy in this outfit. Haha. Snapshot with some of my Oliver co-actors Erik (aka Fagin) and Daniel (aka Oliver himself).

Lovely friends came to watch the matinee show even if they had that Digital Run later that night.Thanks Roxi, Amil and Vynna! (..and you came in your Bright Colors too) Love you to pieces!