Boheme Femme Due

Pictures were taken on August 8, 2011.

Wearing the purple version of the turban (from Boheme Femme) that I got from Forever 21, months ago. I was going for comfort as usual thus the choice of the loose silk pants and loose tribal tank top. Polished the look with a Silver/ Bronze/ Gold open strappy Snake Skinned Heels and bangles that were given by my friend Camille (I think she got these from India). The oversized purse, I got from 168 Philippines. I ended up using it just coz I missed it, it had nothing to do with the outfit. Oh yeah, my silk pants need steaming. Haha

(TURBAN: Forever 21, $5.99/ TOP: Ross Find, $7.99 / PANTS: Sasha, $9.99 / BAG: 168 Find, P250/ SHOES:Wanted / RING: Forever 21 / BANGLES: from Camille/ NECKLACE: from Mommy Babe)


Boheme Femme

(TOP: Ross / BOTTOM: Culottes from Mommy Babe / BELT: Forever 21/ BAG: from Mita Bo / BANGLE: Vintage from Mommy Babe / BRACELETS: Beals / NECKLACE: Wet Seal/ SHOES: X-Appeal / TURBAN: Forever 21)

I’ve always had this thing for turbans but I’ve never figured out a way to flaunt these little things since they always make a ‘mushroom’ every time I wear them. Well this time the turban came in handy, keeping my hair away from my face and the heat. I tamed down the lace top with  Semi Batik/ Tie-dyed culottes (yep, that’s not a skirt) that I got from my lola. The lace top usually I’d wear with a tank top under due to conservative parents but because of the 3-digit temperature streak here in Houston I was ‘forced’ to wear it as is. Hahaha…I’m glad that streak is over (it rained today), I’m praying that Hurricane Irene will be kind to the East Coast and everything else in its path. Night Houston!