Black, White and Pink—We’re Having a Baby Girl!

My LaVista family decided to throw me a “simple” baby shower/ despedida party for me and Marco before leaving for the US; they opted to do it at home with close family and friends. On the morning of the baby shower the winds were blowing our tents like crazy and the rain wouldn’t stop pouring. Since everything was pretty much DIY except for the food (we had it catered) we had trouble doing the set up, we were scared that the winds might tip over Mita Wee’s crystal stands for the candies and might just blow away Mita Bo’s tea cup collection but I swear as soon as the baby shower started the weather turned out for the best. We didn’t expect the food to be more than enough too so I’m sure that God was with us during this baby shower.

This was literally a “Ramas-girls production” and it was a complete success. To my lovely aunts, Mita Bo and Mita Wee, who planned this entire event, I really appreciate you doing this for me. Thanks to Dada Benj, Mita Bo (tea set up) and Mita Wee (prize table set up) for throwing the baby shower and for allowing me to take part in the execution. Ate Roma and Kuya JJ for helping us with the pink goodies for the goodies table (we had pink fondue and pink kropek that wasn’t food-dyed, mind you), Paolo and Brianna for helping us with balloons and putting up the decorations, Eunice for the cute baby girl yumminess, I mean cupcakes that handed out as giveaways and all the manangs and manongs at home for helping us with pretty much everything especially the set-up… Thank you for this labor of love!!!

Here are some photos from the Baby Shower:

DIY Invitations I made using free printables online, ended up with invitation #3

My DIY Baby Wishes Printable Onesie Cut Out. I made it specifically for this baby shower

The actual onesies cut out we had printed on cardboard

Got some cute baby shower laundry pins to hang the wishes for the baby and placed them in one of those lace cut out cans that were left overs from my wedding last year

(Laundry Pins: from 168; 3 for P100/ Lace Cut-out Cans: from Target; $1.00 per can)

Can’t wait until Cassie gets to read these

Foldable fans for the guests

Our DIY set-up for the wishes/ prize table

How dainty, tea anyone? #TWG

Yes—our “Spriki” is a girl!

Fascinators laid on the center for the guests

Merienda Cena set up at home

The first few guests our the baby shower

My DIY word scramble printable. It was pretty simple, Microsoft Word all the way

With JC, Jasper, Ate Princess and Janine

Pastries and Dessert for the sweet tooth

Cupcakes care of my cousin. They were gorgeous, thanks Eunice!

Strawberry Fondue

Baby Bottle Game

Diaper Game

The winner of the Create-your-own-bag Game

My pretty aunts—the Climaco girls

My younger Climaco cousins 🙂

Our Ruiz de Luzuriaga/ Mendezona Family

Our Odilao/ Bisnar/ Lim Family

Our Climaco/ Ramas/ Sullano/ Ros Family

The “old” UP crew 🙂

My cutie pie god son, Mateo

Have a cupcake, thanks for coming guys!


The Long and Short of It.

I’ve always had long hair as far as I can remember. I cut it short just right above my shoulder at times but for the most part it’s always been long. A few years back (5 years to be exact) I found out the beauty of being able to donate hair here in the US.  Well, I’m doing it again and I’m going to try to give it to Pantene Beautiful Lengths this time and hope they put it into good use.

This is for you Grandmy Emma (+) , I love you and miss you heaps. #breastcancerawareness #notocancer

(TURBAN: Forever 21/ TOP: from Mommy Babe/ SHORTS: Ross/ SANDALS: from the streets of Thailand/ PURSE: Forever 21/ SUNGLASSES: Shasa/ RING: Forever 21)

 Eyelet top on my Lace Crochet Shorts

Lace floral detail on the neckline for a more vintage feel

Pastels and Neutrals with my two most favorite colors in the world: pink and purple

Black Faux Leather Studded Platforms from Bangkok

Marco—the guy who tried to talk me out of it. Haha. He says I look better with long hair, I told him it’ll grow back just in time for our wedding. I hope it does <crossing my fingers>

Long Hair No More.


Hello October!

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Maria Regina Ramas Veloso Climaco (wife of the late Governor Juan Faller Climaco) – my great grandfather Juan Abadia Climaco wearing black suit

(Photo and Photo Description courtesy of my Aunt, Dinah Ouano)

Let me start this entry by saying there’s a lot I don’t know about my Family Tree…seriously I should do some intense research in the future but thanks to Aunts, like Tita Dinah (ehem), I’m slowly getting bits and pieces of my family history, she just posted this a few minutes ago on Facebook. My ancestor who’s also named Maria Regina…how crazy is that? And I wasn’t even named after her.  At least now I have a face to go with the name, do I look anything like her? Jeminah says I do.

Anyhow, I’m making this post short and straight to the point. It’s October, it’s officially fall and let’s just say that there are a lot of things to look forward to: John’s turning 8, Angelie’s turning 12, The Renaissance Festival, Haunted Houses, Vegas Vacation, Costume Parties, the Rosary month, my official blog and one month down (8 more months to go) until Marco moves here.

Crossing my Fingers.Nothing but Good Vibes.

Good Night Houston and Good Morning Philippines!

I’ll catch y’all later!