Destination: San Antonio, Texas

Baby Friendly Activities for this Trip:

The Alamo

The Riverwalk

Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch

Make Sure to Bring:

Baby Snacks


Baby Hat/ Baby Sunglasses


Handheld Fan/ Cooling Mist



Day 1

Drove to San Antonio for Father’s Day weekend because my grandparents (mom’s side) who are visiting from the Philippines have never been there. This will also be my baby’s first trip to San Antonio, she won’t remember it but a least she’ll have picture to go by with until her next visit.

Our first stop was the historical Alamo


Another enjoyable way to tour the area



My little one sporting my creation; Pip and Tumbleweed.


Not too impressed with the cactus and the heat








One big happy family in front of the Alamo


Next stop was the Riverwalk and since it was too hot and it would be too tiring for my grandparents to walk the riverwalk, we decided to take a riverwalk cruise instead to se the noteworthy historical spots and buildings within the riverwalk.


Poor baby fell asleep in the heat





It was honestly hard to enjoy the boat ride since Cassie was hot and fussy, always the case when we’re out and about. It’s a good thing I’ve been on one of these boat rides a few years back


Dinner at Cracker Barrel




Grandmy made Cassie try out a cowgirl hat from the Cracker Barrel souvenir shop. Too cute.

Day 2


Happy first Father’s day to you sweetie. Cassie and I love you so much!

Daddy wearing Cassie’s gift and of course I had to get them the Marvel Munchkin…yes, he might be slightly into superheroes.


Happy Father’s day Grandy.


We didn’t even know there was In-N-Out burger in San Antonio until we made a wrong turn last night when we were on our way to Cracker Barrel for dinner.



Happiest daddy today because of In-N-Out’s animal fries. Surprisingly, people here in Texas don’t order it as much as they do in California, weird.


Before heading home, we passed by the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch…I’d have to say it is baby and senior citizen friendly since we were just sitting inside our car feeding the animals. Only problem we encountered was when some of the cars would take forever to move forward because they were having so much fun feeding the animals thus making the wait time long.



Because of the Texas Summer Heat, the animals also stayed under the shade most of the time. It took us awhile to have them come over so we could feed them and take up-close pictures.








Cassie’s first time to feed the animals.


And since we were a bit frustrated with the feeding of the animals at the drive-in safari, we enjoyed feeding the goats immensely at the petting zoo after.

Oh yeah, Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there including all the single moms. Hope you had a wonderful celebration with your loved ones.


Destination: Simala Sibonga, Cebu, Philippines

I’ve forgotten how much fun I used to have traveling to the far South, and I say “far” because Talisay, the place I grew up in was already considered south with Cebu City as the point of reference. That song from Anastasia “Journey to the Past”…literally what it felt like during the 2-hour drive to Simala. I didn’t realize how lucky we are to still have design remnants from the Spanish Coloniazation Era. If I’m not mistaken, we passed by 4 old churches along the way and I was so tempted to just stop and take pictures but we were on a tight schedule so I decided to save that for another adventure, maybe next time I can do that with Marco.

A quick shot taken of the San Isidro Labrador Church in San Fernando, we already passed by 2 old churches prior to this one (one in Minglanilla and the other one in Naga) but I didn’t have Reno, my camera, ready.

Here’s another quick shot that I took from inside the car…. Nuestra Senora del Pilar de Zaragoza Church in Sibonga.

My first sight of the Monastery of the Holy Eucharist—-a magnificent sight indeed. It’s amazing how they started this with a mere bahay kubo (nipa hut), now it resembles a castle in the sky.

Feeling so blessed to be here.

I kept looking up until my neck hurt, so I decided to just snap a photo.

This Way…Mama Mary Halok (Kiss)

Just a thought: What if I come back and my footwear is no longer there? #barefootbeauty

The line was this long. Imagine how many visitors they get everyday.

Ang Birhen sa Simala

Praying for intentions.

My dates for today—Mama Joy and Mommy Babe. Kuya Noe is taking the photo.

Thanks Mommy Babe (grandmother) for making this trip possible, she knew this would satisfy my troubled heart. I have the best grandmother, she prays with me for


Lighting candles for Marco’s board exam

Bumped into a monk just after submitting our prayer petitions

I’m confident that we will be adding Marco to this wall of Board Passers. CLAIMED.

One last shot before completely heading out.

We didn’t have time for Stations of the Cross but I did make it to the First one.

Stopped by Jollibee on the way home. A view from the entrance—-The Carcar Rotunda.

UPDATE: Marco did PASS the Medical Board Exam. Thank you, Lord!