Mendezona-Ramas Nuptials: The Preparation

Photos below (except for the 2nd one) are from our official wedding photographer, Mark Cantalejo. Getting him is one of the best things we ever did for this wedding! Thank you for capturing the details, the emotions and the wonderful candid moments during our big day.

Clear skies on our wedding day, Thank you God Almighty!

Before anything else, I want to thank my wedding coordinator Snoogie Mata and her team for being 100% on top of everything. You guys are indeed God-sent , thank you so much for being our stress buffers and for dealing with He-who-should-not-be-named. On the other hand, I’m sorry that you guys ended up getting stressed with him. You saved my sanity, you guys were a big factor to the success of our wedding.


I woke up to a surprise!!!!

So this was what the balloons were for. Haha…My bridesmaids, Gela and Jem, woke up extra early and tied the polaroids from last night’s bachelorette party to gold balloons. I love you girls!

Hair and Makeup by my favorite makeup artist in this world—Ramil Solis.

Ramil has taken care of me since pageant and prom days in high school, I think he’s mastered the contour of my face. Haha. Thanks Mami, you’ve never failed to make me look beautiful. As long as I’m in Cebu, know that I’ll keep coming back to you.


Special Delivery from my sweetest, he got me a GoPro for our future adventures.


I had the bridesmaids robes made in Cordova where you can pick the cloth and they sew it according to your specifications. Picked two different colored cloths with the same prints, beige for the bridesmaids and light pink (a younger color) for the Jr. bridesmaids. I opted for plain pink and went to Metro so they could embroider “bride” on my robe.

There was a lot of drama behind this wedding dress but this Alexis Monsanto piece turned out to be my dream wedding dress after all. Tito Bong, as I prefer to call him, put to life the dress I had envisioned—the lace, the sleeves, the conservative neckline and the crystals. This beauty was sent through a package from L.A to Houston, then packed in a Balikbayan Box from Houston -Moscow-Seoul-Cebu. Thank God it was safe and intact when I opened it to air it out.

Alexis Monsanto on this wedding piece…

Gatsby themed wedding meets Scarlet O’Hara in Gone with the Wind influence in this vintage ecru all silk ensemble , alencon corded lace gown with detachable skirt in tiers of pleated silk organdy, boarder lace, french tulle adorn with swarouvski crystals….Made in Los Angeles

We would have loved to display this on a body stand but apparently we had a hard time looking for one that suit my measurements so it had to be hung on one of the hangers that I made. Funny thing is I made all my bridesmaids and Jr. bridesmaids personalized hangers and forgot to make myself one, so I think I ended borrowing Pilica’s.


Brides nowadays usually go for “Brandname-Statements” with their wedding shoes, as I was browsing through wedding shoes inspirations, I could see that names were trending —I’ve seen Monique Lhuillier, Christian Dior, Jimmy Choo, Christian Loubotin and the less pricier ones like Badgley Mischka and David Tutera. I on the other hand didn’t want to go mainstream on this one, I  searched the design I wanted and googled laser cut wedding shoes just because they give you that “lacey” look and ended up falling in love with a Christian Louboutin. I almost died. It’s a good thing I stumbled across a pair of peep toe laser cuts with a similar baroque vibe as the Loboutins but more practical in terms of price, in the color that I wanted, champagne gold.

Yes, I wore a Klub Nico (Moxie) on my wedding day and I just purchased it online from Nordstrom.


Thank you Pink Flora for the simple flower ensemble for me and the entourage, I was scared it would upstage our dresses but it was perfectly complimentary with the theme and the outfits.

Spot Ferdinand Marcos, the Prince of Wales and Lady Diana. Haha.


Top Left:  Arrhae; Assorted Coins from the Mendezonas/ Top Right: The Bible/

Bottom Left: The Cord/ Bottom Right: The Veil

All the wedding pillows (3) , the cord, the veil and blue garter were also provided by Alexis Monsanto; he used the same materials for all to unify them with the wedding gown and vintage purse he designed for me.


My Cebu friends a.k.a my childhood friends started a sisterhood of the traveling blue garter tradition. Haha. They really are the cutest. Here’s my something blue and something borrowed.

Our wedding rings were beautifully crafted by Wilma Pena, Marco’s abuelito and abuelita’s go-to jeweler in Cebu.


We didn’t have any design in mind when we visited the jeweler so we started browsing through some magazines and fell in love with Chanel wedding bands. We showed her the design and with no hesitation, said that she could do it. Marco and I couldn’t agree on the color of our wedding bands, I wanted white gold so it would match the engagement ring he gave me, he said he preferred yellow gold. Abuleita Tit (Marco’s grandmother ) suggested why not have both, that’s what she and Abuelito Mario did for their wedding bands, and that’s how we ended with our wedding band design.

Oh yeah, learned a new term today from Abu…chispaz a.k.a brilliantitos.

Our invitation was designed by the one and only Jihannee Tan of Twenty O four, one of my closest friends in Cebu. I’ve probably known this girl since kindergarten and it was a thrill to pick her as one of our wedding suppliers. It was actually nice of her to still make it to my wedding, considering the fact that it was also her birthday on the actual wedding day. haha. Thanks so much, mach and Happy Birthday! 🙂

People usually don’t see the beauty in letterpress, they always say “so, what’s so special about it?”, I guess I’m unlike other people. I went with letterpress not because it was a fad in the wedding industry, I consider it as a form of art like calligraphy and appreciate the tedious process that goes behind it.

Delicate, light, vintage and very old-world, I fell in love with the invitations in an instant.

Vintage Car—check! Thanks Reggie Ocampo!


Payback time! I gave hime the mini iPad that he’s been raving about. I made sure that his name was engraved in the back.



Marco’s classic suit was custom made by Cornell’s Tailoring in Manila. Awww… my sweetie looking so dapper. Thank you Snap for the referral!

More family photos before the wedding…

The loves of my life—my family.


The little brother and the littler brother

Ramas Sisters—with my little sisters.

Mendezona Sisters—and my new not-so-little sisters.

My beautiful ladies in waiting.

Nicole. Angelie. Brianna. Ann Marie. Pilica. Anya. Pauline. Jemma. Gela. Jem. Janine. Karina.


Photo with our Moms.


Photo with our Dads.

The Mendezonas (Mikel and the babies not in the picture)


The Luzuriagas

Marco and his boys

Groomsmen ala “Beatles”

Niño ❤ Kei

THIRTY—-a bunch of girls I go way back with, some since kindergarten but the past few years (maybe a decade or so) I have unconsciously dropped out of their lives partly because of Theater 110 and partly because my family had to migrate to Houston. Either ways I’ve missed out on everyone’s debut (except Din’s), Batch Reunions, Annual Christmas Parties, Random trips to the Beach and now I am starting to miss out on Weddings, too. Bummer.

This January, I scheduled a trip to the Philippines to check up on my wedding suppliers and make sure everything was okay—-it was a BIG plus to make it just in time for Sinulog, a BIG plus to be able to check up on Marco and wish him luck before the Philippine Medical Board Exam and another BIG plus to be able to make it to one of my closest friend’s wedding and catch up with the rest of the girls. The day started out hectic thanks to Cebu’s ever growing traffic that I can’t seem to get used to but everything turned out great.

Once again, Congrats Nak, Congrats Ninz, I’m blessed to be able to witness your union! Love you both.❤ #ninoandkeiwedding

We made it!!! Nino and Kei Reception…here we go. 🙂

Who doesn’t love a good red velvet wedding cake?

The cutest kiss…awwww. Congrats you two lovebirds!

Lovin the Beach rustic set up.

One of my most favorite couples—- Waning and Dadz.

Reunited with my Houston loves—we’re next in line down that aisle.

uhhh..yeah, I would hang out  by the dessert table. 🙂

Nay and Chang—my after -ceremony buddies over Dimsum and Starbucks. Cravings satisfied, danke.


Our faces—wahaha. WTH. Kiat ra.

While gapapicture mi with the couple….

Gakiat ang duha. Haha

One last photo with the newlyweds, Mr. and Mrs. Ramirez.

Same OLD girls, according to Meyan. Lagi, ‘old’ na ta.🙂

My Cebu lovies and we’re slowly adding more to this bunch❤

Never got to thank you Chawi, Chipee and Chang for taking me home to Talisay! Layo ra ba…glad we were able to catch up during the drive.:)

I’ll see you in May, girls. Until then…❤

~Regina (Rhea)

Destination: Oslob, Philippines

May 2-3, 2012: Overnight in Oslob

Ating, Bani, Kei and Dadz—just a few of the girls I’ve known almost my entire life yet ironically this is probably the first trip out of town we’re doing together. Back in college, I rarely came home to Cebu due to my hectic schedule, rehearsals were back to back so I never got to see them. High school was an entirely different story,  The ‘No Sleepover’ Policy was in effect—yes, I had strict parents. I didn’t think the first roadtrip I was taking with the girls, Marco would be tagging along. Sorry sweetie, you’re stuck with us, at least you get to work on your Bisaya and you get to hang out with the girls I grew up with.

My cousin drove me to to Bani’s house in Minglanilla, it felt strange walking into that house after 8 years or so. I can’t believe its been that long. Dadz was already there and we waited for the rest to arrive. Thanks again nak (kei) for picking up Marco, you made it so much more convenient. And atiiinnggg, I missed you. matching tops gyud ta? haha. Terno lagi. Manong Wilson (grabe noy, loyal gyud ha?) brought us to Oslob, but we had a quick and crazy stop at one of the supermarkets to buy ‘supplies’ and Potato Corner. Weeee. Cheese and Sour Cream fries. When we were closer to Ating’s Beach House, we stopped by the mercado to buy dinner, what I’ve been looking forward to the entire day. Finally, puso!

Kei and I waiting for the manang to cook our dinner at the mercado.

We made it to Ating’s place. Ting, nice man siya!

Yeahhh…this means pool party later.

P-U-S-O. (Diamond Rice) I missed  you!!!!

Barbeque sa kilid-kilid

Ating’s Beach House at Night. Isn’t it lovely?

Girl Talk that made Marco squirm tremendously. Yesss..this is what girls talk about. haha…

Dancing. Beer. Night Swimming. Beach. The Girls. —- forgot how awesome Cebu life can be.

Ola, I’m Rhea the Bohemian Negrita

Whale Shark Briefing about to start

Registration.  P300 for Filipinos/ Locals and P500 for Foreigners. Almost got charged more just coz they thought Marco was a foreigner. I had to ask him to speak Filipino and this crazy guy took forever to utter a word. And when he did he had to speak in Ilonggo pa gyud.  Hai, marco!

Others leaving the shore and heading to sea in their bangkas (small outrigger boats)

(I forgot I took a video, haha. I miss you girls)

Dadz and Bani

Kei, Ating and Reg (Me)

First sighting of the whale sharks. According to ating, mura sila’g puppies sa dagat. Haha

We’re actually doing this together sweetie. Checking this off our bucket list.

Upclose with Daniel, the Butanding

One last video with the Butandings. They do look like big Janitor Fishes but ironically I think they’re cute.