The Warmth after the Holiday Rush

(TOP: Knitted Poncho Sweater; from the ‘Rents/ STOCKINGS: Snakeskin Pattern/ BOOTS: Maripe; pointed ankle booties/ PURSE: NY & C; clutch from Pauline and Marie/ WATCH and BRACELET: NY & C/ EARRINGS: Icing; Chandelier from Pauline and Marie)

A smile that says ” I got a bunch of stuff I wanted for Christmas. Yay.”

If you have no one to cuddle with in this “cuddle season” then I suggest you go for a poncho sweater to keep you warm. Besides, I think poncho sweaters should be a winter staple—they are truly effortlessly chic.

Sporting the “messy-bun” look

This outfit’s burst of color.

Emerald is such a pretty color amidst a bunch of neutrals.

One of the first few pairs of shoes that I bought when we first moved here 7 years ago. I purchased it with my brother’s employee discount from Rack Room Shoes. <sigh> Those were the days…shoes were limitless.


It’s a few days after Christmas—three days to be exact. I’ve been running on caffeine the past few days and it’s been getting harder to mask the dark circles around my eyes. It didn’t help that Christmas fell on a Wednesday too, right smack in the middle of the week. Well, today, I am determined to get some R&R and enjoy this cold weather in my new poncho sweater that I got from mom and pop with a cup of hot chocolate in my hand. Btw, I’m wearing a bunch of Christmas presents from mi familia and I love ’em all to pieces. Enjoy this cold weather while it lasts… with Houston weather, you never know.


Fur-ocious in my Peg Leg Pants


From the InStyle March 2012 Issue and originally in the late 1980’s just around the same time I was born. I tell you..things just keep coming back.

(COAT: Fur Shrug; Shasa/ PANTS: Peg-leg; bazaar find from Cebu/ TOP: tank top; H&M/ SHOES: Dollhouse/ BEANIE: Forever 21/ BELT: skinny; thrifted/ PURSE: vintage sling; thrifted/ BANGLES: Forever 21/ WATCH: New York and Company)

A not-too thick faux fur shrug for the not-too cold winter weather here in Houston, TX

Cinch those ill-shapen high waist button up pants with a skinny belt. I prefer a pop of color.

These peep-toe booties are not as complicated as they look, in fact you just slip your foot in and tighten. That’s all to it.

This may sound soooo wrong but I do need ironing in the crotch area

The pants that stop right before the ankle—I decided to pair it with high-cut open toed booties to compensate for the length or should I say the lack-off.

Who says faux fur is always tacky? I beg to defer…faux fur is “friendly fur if you get my drift.

Oh yeah, those spectacles are real this time. Paid a visit to my eye doctor and although I’m not yet blind as a bat, it seems like I’m getting there. <oh, the frustration>


Oreo, the shoe-chewer

On one unfortunate day, my sister who will not be named in this story (you have 4 guesses) borrowed something from my closet. To those who pretty much know my life story—yes, I come from a big family of mostly girls and they’re all growing up so fast. From two sisters invading my closet, It quickly escalated to 3 and then to 4. Now I have four little gremlins in my closet and being the “wonderful” ate that I am usually let them borrow whatever they need. (Note to Pauline, Marie, Angelie and Nicole: you have to agree or else I won’t lend you any of my stuff ever again, haha) .

So I came home from a long day at work and the first thing my little brother, John, tells me is “Ate, Oreo chewed your shoes”. I am very anal when it comes to my stuff, let alone my shoes so I frantically ran upstairs in search of these “shoes”that he was talking about. I assumed it was one pair but noooooooo—–it was 3 and a half ( I say half, because the other one was perfectly fine). Of course Oreo had to pick my favorite pairs especially my gold pointed heels and for a minute there I thought I blacked out.

      <insert wrath of Rhea here>

I will not expound on what happened after that because things did get ugly although I did find out that Oreo has some anxiety issues ergo the chewing. Everyone learned a lesson that day; my sisters learned to NEVER leave my door open and to take care of stuff that they borrowed, Oreo learned to NEVER touch my shoes and my stuff  (I think I traumatized her with my screaming) and I learned to be optimistic and resourceful …or I tried to. Below are the boots that I revived from the tragic chewing of Oreo, I replaced the laces with extra ones from my tennis shoes and I got a razor and “ripped” the other pair to even it out. Let’s just say I tried to pass it off as the “grunge look”. <sigh>

(TOP: Nautical Striped longsleeves; Forever 21/ SHORTS: Vintage/ TURBAN: knitted; Forever 21/ SCARF: Icing/ BOOTS: Necessary Clothing/ EARRINGS: from Mommy Babe/ WATCH: New York and Company/ PURSE: birthday gift from Paolo and Lucia)

Feeling drab with the loss of 3 pairs of shoes

The Victim: My pair of boots that I bought from NYC during a birthday trip 2 or 3 years ago

The Culprit: OREO

(I think this photo can serve as her mugshot)


Hanging with the Hilfigers


And this was the photo that inspired the outfit of the day…

I know this Tommy Hilfiger ad campaign is from a while back, it’s from the Fall/Winter 2011 collection to be exact. Tommy Hilfiger’s ads are constant eye candies to me especially when I’m browsing through my fashion magazines, I have to stop and take a look just coz there’s a lot of  interesting details going on.If you’ve noticed, every single one of his ads has a story and it lingers because it makes you want to figure the story out. At a very superficial point of view it’s a bunch of good looking fashionable people hanging out together, you’d have to admit they do come up with a pretty cool looking posse.

Just an FYI to those who still think that Tommy Hilfiger is racist, well that’s a complete Urban Legend that started all the way back in 1996 and they’ve actually cleared his name on Oprah a while back. ( I suggest you Google it) And NO, he has nothing against FILIPINOS wearing his line. Sad to say the only Tommy Hilfiger I have on me for today’s outfit is my scent. Haha…It’s been one of my go-t0 scents for years now.

Today’s Outfit completely says: Preppy Menswear and that’s because I’ve ‘borrowed’ some of the items from the men in my family which happens very seldom. Thanks pop, thanks pau!

(HAT: borrowed from Pop/ TANKTOP: from the Philippines/ SWEATER: borrowed from Paulo, Rue 21/ LEGGINGS: Heritage 1981, Forever 21/ SHOES: Necessary Clothing/ PURSE: thrifted/ SUNGLASSES: Forever 21/ WATCH: from Marco, Skagen/ BELT: vintage)

Preppy and Warm

I should start shopping more menswear. Haha.

Breezy Day Staple: a warm checkered scarf

Completely in love with this watch my fiance gave me. I’m not quite sure if it’s because the watch is such a classic or I’m just totally in love with the guy who gave it to me. Haha. It doesn’t matter, I love it Marco.:)

My thrifted go-to vintage purse.

Once again my favorite Brogues make it to today’s outfit.

Enjoy the weekend y’all, I know I will. I hear Houston’s weather forecast is pretty awesome for the last two days of Spring Break.


1 of 2: Tacky Christmas Sweater

First Party of the Night.

Didn’t have time to make a super tacky Christmas sweater, I’m sticking to my sister’s pink cozy holiday one

A little against the light

Off to the Tacky Christmas Sweater Party

(HAT: Claires/ SWEATER: Pauline’s/ SKIRT: Forever 21/ SOCKS: Wet Seal/ BOOTS: Dolce Vita/ BRACELET: Buffalo Exchange, from Katsie)

Fit for the breeze


Target finds. Love.

SLR babies

Someone got her sweater on too. Such a cutie…

Merry Christmas girls.:)

You guys are too cute…Tacky Christmas Sweater Couple #1

Couple #2: The Quirays

Couple #3 in full ‘tacky’ force..haha. Francis and Kathleen

Couple #4? haha. Rach and Mae, rockin their red tacky home made sweaters

Norson happy with his White Elephant. Watch someone steal it.

Future June Brides.

Sister love. Claudia

Merry Christmas from SFC-FFL Houston!