Destination: San Antonio, Texas

Baby Friendly Activities for this Trip: The Alamo The Riverwalk Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch Make Sure to Bring: Baby Snacks Water Baby Hat/ Baby Sunglasses Carrier Handheld Fan/ Cooling Mist Stroller ————————————————————————– Day 1 Drove to San Antonio for Father’s Day weekend because my grandparents (mom’s side) who are visiting from the Philippines have never […]

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Ahoy, It’s a Boy!

Here’s another DIY dessert table that I did for Ice’s shower, Marco couldn’t come with me today since he was studying so I had to drive an hour away with Cassie. It’s a good thing she slept most of the time during set-up or else setting up would’ve been totally impossible. Thanks mane for trusting […]

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Destination: Brownwood, Texas

In the area we live in we’ve unconsciously established an annual tradition with our neighbors of going camping on spring break. It’s gotten bigger the past few years with more families joining in and It’s great that we get to bond over hiking and fishing and campfire stories and a bunch of other outdoorsy stuff. […]

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CASSIE: 02.27.2016

(ROMPER: Handmaid Ends Bubble Romper/ HEADBAND: Pip and Tumbleweed Floral headband/ SOCKS: brown fox/ MOCCASINS:Β Camel moccasins) We’ve been supporting small businesses recently and you’d be surprised with the number of wonderful small/local stores you can find on Instagram. We were totally pleased with this bubble romper from Elisa of Handmaid Ends,Β you should check her out. […]

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